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Insurance Claims

Diagram showing subsidence cracks in house

We provide advice on investigations, specify repairs and administer building repair contracts for householders, commercial clients and almost all the major Insurance companies on a vast number of insurance claims for subsidence, fire, flood and storm damage. We also give evidence as the Expert Witness in court cases. No matter whether we are appointed by the owner or the Insurers of a building, our focus is always the same: to identify the cause correctly and advise on mitigation measures where possible, identify the full extent of consequent damage, and specify necessary repairs. In most cases, we then obtain competitive prices from builders and administer the repair contract.

In common with our engineering design work, our approach is to keep things clear and concise in a sector where obfuscation and misinterpretation often abound. For example, we prefer to use drawings and diagrams to identify and record damage clearly in our reports and our subsequent repair schedules, rather than to prepare the sort of impenetrable verbal descriptions and long lists commonly used by others.

Insurance claims may sometimes involve some disagreement with Insurers over the extent of recommended repair works. Essentially, it is our role to provide the correct engineering interpretation of the problem and its remedy, rather than to negotiate the settlement of a claim. We are working increasingly with Loss Assessors who are able to assist building owners if this latter need arises.