Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers
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Miscellaneous designs/services

Steel lifting rig Demolition works

Clients sometimes ask us to advise on matters that fall outside the ‘typical’ range of the Structural Engineer’s involvement. We are always happy to discuss these, and to take on work for which we are properly qualified or to suggest a more suitable professional if not.

Although most of our work involves the design of building structures, we work with some Architects and Designers who provide bespoke designs for the interior fixtures and fittings in buildings and ask us to assist with their design. Such relatively small-scale elements often require quite significant structural design input.

Amongst other interesting and unusual challenges, we have been involved in the design of stone water troughs, glass tables, concrete furniture, cantilevered kitchen worktops, and even beehives!

We also provide design services to building contractors on matters such as temporary structural supports and method statements for construction works. Straightforward propping or scaffolding design is normally best done by specialists, but we can assist when something more complex is needed.

A number of specialist contractors offer ‘design and build’ services, for instance for loft and basement conversions, staircases and conservatories, often without the involvement of a qualified structural engineer. We are sometimes asked to review such designs or to maintain a ‘watching brief’ during their construction.