Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers
Investigation and inspection of brickwork defects Bulging flank wall

Surveys, Reports and Feasibility Studies

Examples of our work in this area range from providing specific structural advice about the bulging flank wall of a house, or assessing the loading capacity of an existing office floor where a change of use is proposed, to the feasibility of adding storeys to an existing block of flats or the redevelopment of an entire site.

The purpose of a report or study is normally to recommend actions or to assist in decision-making. Our reports are therefore objective, concise and focussed on the particular topic under consideration. The value of a report is in the quality and accuracy of its content, not its weight or thickness. We will not put together a double-spaced, ten-page bound report simply to impress when a one page letter will suffice. Technical terminology has its place but, whenever possible, we try to use plain English.

New basement feasibility report

We have many years of experience in dealing with a broad range of buildings from historic to modern properties, and we are well aware that there are very rarely two the same! We are always careful not to make assumptions but to investigate each case thoroughly. Depending on the nature of the project, we may advise on the need to engage other specialist consultants or contractors to undertake investigations to assist in our assessment.